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Tom Lazear :: Aug 21, 2012, 2:55 pm
Coach Miron - why he is more than a coach. To be a state qualifier, state place or a state champion is a long hard journey both physically and mentally and every practice session Miron pushes each wrestler to their limit both physically & mentally. As a Freshman, my son started attending Coach Miron's summer camps between 8th & 9th grade. He was a District qualifier and as a Sophomore, he became a State qualifier. In the Summer of 2012, he attended all the Wrestling camps. At one point, I noticed he was losing his motivation to run and weight train on a regular basis. In-between wrestling camps, he was gaining weight. After the first day at camp he called home and was feeling down because Coach Miron had criticized him about his weight gain. Not wanting him to lose his motivation and desire to continue attending wrestling camp, I called Coach Miron at home and told him about the call from my son. Coach Miron immediately said I will go talk with him. An hour and half later, my son called back, and his voice was upbeat and excited. He said Coach spoke with him about his potential and great opportunity as a great wrestler. He was so inspired that he went on to tell me he was cancelling a weekend vacation he had planned so he wouldn't miss the next weekend wrestling camp. I wanted to share this experience because Coach Miron is not only the best wrestling coach I have met, but he works very hard to keep his wrestlers motivated to be able to reach their wrestling goals. Tom Lazear 740-818-5760
Rick J. Suitor :: Apr 17, 2012, 1:24 pm
To Whom It May Concern: RE: Miron's Wrestling Camp It was a pleasure meeting you (Miron), your family and the other wrestling families who attended your wrestling training this past weekend. My son, K.J. Suitor, received great instruction, strong and technical training partners, and an opportunity to further his wrestling knowledge. The camp was intense, to the point, and no fooling around which we like. Additionally, K.J., Ian Parker and the Storr brothers all had a great time in the process. I would highly recommend Miron's camps to any competitive wrestler who wants to enhance his skills and mental toughness. Miron is a great instructor; detailed, knowledgeable and caring. Miron and his fellow coaches are highly-principled individuals, and they practice it. Sincerely, Rick & K.J. Suitor Freeland, MI 989.906.7777
Ray Daniels :: Mar 13, 2012, 10:36 pm
Dear Miron: Our decision to have Roy attend your club was one of the best that we have ever made. Roy used to attend Spencerport High School which is quite well known in New York State for wrestling. When their coach, Bill Jacatout, retired we wanted to find a coach that was equal or better. Through a friend, we heard about you and let Roy attend one of your sessions. Later, I accompanied Roy to one of your summer sessions where you and Constantine taught. I have to say, that was the best wrestling camp that I had ever come across, bar none. My son was paired with Sheldon (a top weight lifter and wrestler) and then was taught moves that we had never seen before at Spencerport. I remember being so impressed that at the end of the camp I rose and gave you a standing ovation. We later became less and less satisfied with Spencerport and wanted Roy to be able to take advantage of the skills available at your club. My son is now a state champion due in no small part to your instruction. Coming to Ohio and attending your club were the best decisions that we ever made. Thank-you so much for all that you did for my son! Thank you too for all your help in getting us established in Ohio.
Quinton :: Mar 1, 2012, 8:54 am
Coach Miron, Thank you for all the years of Training. I end my high school career with a 4th State title. Without you it wouldn't be possible. Tell Tony (Deangelo) congratulations on his 3rd and to Joey (Moon) on his 2nd state title. I am going to miss working out with those guys every summer. Thanks for everything Miron. Quinton Murphy 4x New York State Champion
Aj Bindner :: Feb 6, 2012, 1:43 pm
Coach Miron, I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for what you do for me and the rest of the kids. You are so passionate and really do care about us, kind of like a father. At other camps I used to go to they didn't even care they just took my money and went on with it, you are different. You could be coaching the olympic team right now but you're not because you love the kids so much, which is really amazing. I started your camp when I was 12 and I'm now 14. When I first came I was way behind but you helped me to get better and better. Your place is like a 2nd home to me, i couldn't imagine life without it. Although your practices are like wars they're so worth it. I figured this out after winning my 3rd middle school state title this weekend. I owe so much thanks to you for what you did this summer. I won 14-0 in the finals and just thought of all the hard work I had put in at your camps. Even before I went out in the finals I told myself I have trained so hard with Miron and he puts in so much time for me to not loose. Your a God of wrestling and I hope you never stop doing what your doing. Thank You
Frank Mattiace :: Dec 24, 2011, 10:37 am
Miron, I haven't seen you in quite a while. I often think of the days I spent watching practice, running the track and hills with you and the boys. Two weeks ago I was at the IRONMAN I saw Chaz and Steve Gresham, Joey Ward and a few others who at one time trained at your camps when the boys we young. I went home and found one of the pictures, there they all were holding rocks above their heads. Frankie and I talked how your pushing him to be his best, the technique, dedication, and level of commitment he was exposed to, definitely shaped who is is today not only as a wrestler but a student athlete. I believe your drive and determination have benefits to the young men in all aspects of their life. I have trained with the best athletes in football,(NFL) have been exposed to hall of fame coaches and have always been impressed with your teaching, drive, determination and love you have for the sport of wrestling and the young men who are aspiring to be the best at what they do. Well I guess it all payed off; Frankie won the IRONMAN as a Junior, he is at Blair and we look forward to continued success. I want to wish you and you family a Merry Christmas. Thank You for helping to guide my son, you are a great mentor, coach and above all else a loyal individual. Sincerely, Frank Mattiace

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