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Craig :: Dec 20, 2006, 11:07 pm
Great web site and a great team
Chaz Gresham :: Oct 17, 2006, 1:29 am
Dear coach Miron, I just wanted to say thankyou for everything you have done for me.I cannot express how thankful I am to you for all the time and effort you spend in me. Without meeting you i would of never been able to acheive my goal of winning Olympics, but not olny have you tought me how to become a better wrestler but you have tought me to become a better person and for that I just wanted to say thankyou again for everything you have done for me and i look forward to training in the future with you With much thanks, Chaz Gresham
Shawn Ellis Murphy :: Oct 15, 2006, 8:42 pm
Miron, Hello I have been meaning to post a msg on your website. Thank you for the training for Quinton. He has improve greatly since his first camp with you in Oct 2005. As Quinton begins his first Varsity year (as a seventh grader) we look forward to driving out from NY and training with as much as we can. I believe Quinton earned the 96lb spot on his team, because of yoiur training. See you at Super 32 and Denver. Shawn Ellis Murphy... Holley NY
From the other Website :: Oct 13, 2006, 7:46 pm
28. - Posted June 27, 2006 7:07PM coach dave bad2thebone wrestling Miron, After 26 years in the sport, I have seen a few camps. Your 3 day camp was, by far, the best I have ever been to. My kids really enjoyed it. When I was young I would have paid any amount of money to have a coach like you. Your wrestlers are lucky. My wrestlers and I believe that your Russian wrestling system will get us to the next level. You can bet we will be regulars at your camp. Thank you so much and good luck in all your endeavors. Dave Nowick Coach Denver, Colorado -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27. - Posted January 6, 2006 9:27PM komahda_mnopha Miron- Thanks for all that you have done for me. I am getting better each practice and enjoy you coaching me. Thanks again miron. Jesse Lipps -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26. - Posted December 20, 2005 10:53PM TJ Dear Miron, I would like to thank you on all of the effort and coaching that you have given me over the past two years. I am just now using your stuff, so i look forward to getting better. Thanks again TJ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25. - Posted December 13, 2005 5:02PM natesdad Hello Miron ,hope all is well for you,your wife,children,and new baby on the way.I've been gone for work out of state for awhile now,I have a job back in Columbus.Anyway,we are eager to be wrestling at your club again,nathan is 160lbs,moved onto varsity team at Teays Valley,freshmen went 2-2 last tourny,at olentangy,I was also witness to two other young men you have brought to a different level,The Albanese Brothers from Fairbanks,they came in first,you would have loved to see them,as you do with your other wrestlers.Its been dificult for us to get Nate up to you,your wonderful friend Rhonda has offered but our high school practice gets out to late for your mon-wed.You have a wonderful club and camps,we look forward to being part of your training real soon.All the best to you Miron and your family this holiday season.see you soon........ Nathan Ormiston and family -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24. - Posted October 13, 2005 3:33PM Admin Dear Miron, Please feel free to post this letter on your web site. I would truly want anyone and everyone considering your camp to know what a great experience both my sons had at the 8-day program this summer. They learned more about wrestling than we ever dreamed imaginable and they also matured enormously as people. It his hard to believe two young guys could grow up SO MUCH in such a short period of time, but you really gave them the "complete package" -- profound lessons about wrestling technique, conditioning, hard work, discipline, and LIFE. They worked incredibly hard but had a great time with you and the rest of the team. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done and will do for young wrestlers. Most sincerely, Suzy Welch Boston, MA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23. - Posted October 13, 2005 3:32PM Admin Dear Coach Miron, After attending your camp for the first time this summer, I was very impressed that, in just one week, I noticed more improvement in my overall performance—as well as my confidence—than I have experienced in my entire three years of wrestling in high school. The fact that you take the time to drill, coach, and push each of us to either learn the correct move or do those extra push-ups shows just how committed and passionate you are about helping kids to improve their wrestling skills. Every practice was extremely tough and the training was some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced. But I feel very fulfilled having gone through it all and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance. I especially appreciated the fact that you took the time to work with us individually. All of the kids look up to you, and when you tell them to do more, they are willing to do it, even when they don’t think they have any strength left. You treat the kids at your camp as “one big family” and by the end of the camp, everyone knows each other’s names and they leave the camp satisfied that they’ve learned a lot and made new friends in the process. In addition to having learned some great techniques, I also came away with a lot of good advice. I just wish I’d brought a tape recorder to help me remember it all. The messages I won’t forget, however, are that it takes dedication and sacrifice to succeed; that when you’re sore, that’s when you must bring it to next level; and that there are no pats on the back until you’ve earned them. Those messages are extremely important to me, because I can apply that wisdom to everything, not just wrestling. Thanks for an inspiring and very productive week. I hope to train at Team Miron next year! And I hope to bring some of my teammates with me. Sincerely, Jordan French -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22. - Posted August 10, 2005 4:50PM Luke MIRON, I would like to thank you for all the technique and hard work you put me through, i went to your camp in early june and the training was so great and the technique was such an educational experience for me, when i went to that first camp i weighed 260 pounds! and your inspirational attitude on life, how hard work will garantee success in not just your wrestling carrer but in life, inspired me to work my but off and for 2 months i ran every morning and went to wrestle with my coach every chance i could and when i arrived at your 2nd camp in july i weighed 225, i plan to keep coming back to your camp to learn more about wrestling untill i reach my goals, and thanks to the Bowers for GREAT food, service and kindness Luke Karle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21. - Posted August 9, 2005 6:27PM nofoldknowpin Miron, August 8, 2005 I have just returned home from your camp and I can not help myself but to think of some of our greatest leaders who wrestled as a boy. I think of autobiographies of men who left their names and legacies on world history, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, Abe Lincoln. I listen to the passion rise in your voice during your camp as you speak of “…taking it to the next level…” ; “…dedication…”; “…do more!!!”. Grunts and noise of flipping bodies slapping down on the mat echo and fill the room thick with the smell of sweat. Your boys tuck, pivot, twist and flip around each other to your command as silent fathers look on intently. You grow more insistent each time you require of each boy to grip his partner’s tricep precisely correctly. “…not like that! …Like this!!!” Your shirt is soaked. Your voice is stretched. I watch your boys’ firemans’ carry another on their back, pumping their legs up a fifty foot slope. You lead them as they run two miles immediately before the boys drill for an intense hour. Some might fall down, a few might fight back sobs…they get up when they hear your voice. Some of the boys I write of are six/seven/eight to ten years old. I watch in a prideful silence as you stand over the finish line and congratulate and encourage each boy by name. Their red faces and soaked hair rise as they look up to you and nod before they nearly collapse to the ground they sit on. Each of your boys finish. At the top of the work-out hill I look over the pond reflecting magnificent oak and maple trees and a line of boys, tall and small athletes, jogging around a track set on the border of a large pond amidst expansive emerald green grounds and underneath an immense country-blue Ohio sky. Early morning cool air fills my lungs. I observe the work ethic in your older boys, Jed, Tucker, Brocky, Coltin and Chas. I look at pictures of some of your boys, recent national and state champions. I watch camaraderie form between the youngest and oldest boys, often from states across our great country. The boys swim, fish, or watch a movie together. I contemplate your own world recognized wrestling accomplishments and the spirit which drove you to those achievements. I think of those struggles you overcame. You talk of your club as a family. I enjoy talking to the parents of the boys I am growing to admire. The boys laugh and nod and demonstrate technique amongst each other. Before we all leave, the boys and their fathers, some of us strangers to each other a few days ago, exchange e-mails. We talk about “…Miron…” I come home and tell my wife our boy is “…taking it to the next level…” (He turned a kid or two this time he has not turned before). She smiles at the pride she sees in me. “Great.” she replies. We try to teach our children to always do their best. I will always read of great accomplishments, the stuff our heroes and world leaders create. I will not be surprised if someday I learn, more than one of those men trained as a boy with Coach Miron. My heartfelt thanks for all you do for my boy. I will see you at your next camp. Warmest regards to Bret and Elaine. My best, Tony -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20. - Posted August 2, 2005 12:42PM roughneck126 N/A Miron, keep up the great work. I see that you had some success in North Dakota. Let me know when you are in NW Ohio again. Jason. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19. - Posted May 15, 2005 6:34PM nofoldknowpin /mironwrestling/chat/ Miron, We just came back from your camp and I still have a hard time believing the level of performance you raised from the group of pee-wee boys. If I had not experienced what you achieve at your camp for myself I simply would not believe it. On a personal note I want to thank-you. I believe my Nick came away from camp Miron with more than anything you can ever advertise. Your passion and devotion for youth and wrestling is inspiring. My best to Bret and Elaine. The toughest part of Camp Miron is leaving. Thanks again, Tony Capaci
Joey Simcoe :: Oct 10, 2006, 10:18 pm
Miron I just wanted to say hello and keep up the good work. Your an amazing coach and do a fantastic job. Good luck in all you do, and I hope to make it down soon.
Jordan Bosma :: Oct 6, 2006, 4:14 pm
Coach Miron...Thank-You for all the time &work you've put into me. Thank-You for being my friend (off the mat!)...I broke my collarbone playing football but I will be back in 3-4 weeks>

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